Networking the HKU Residential Halls

Since early September 1997, the project for networking the student residential halls has been well under way, and is heading towards the targeted completion date of 31 December, 1997.

A total of 2,732 network points were installed across 9 residential halls. Intensive work in infrastructure has been carried out in these 9 halls by 3 contractors. The completion of the project will result in an autodetecting 10/100 Mbps network port installed for every hall resident, and a PABX telephone system in every hall, bringing telephone service to each resident. Hall residents can therefore anticipate better communication facilities, in both data and voice.

Of the 9 residential halls, seven are remotely situated, and will be linked up via HK Telecom's Framelink service, which is in turn integrated with the HK Telecom's public ATM network, to the ATM network backbone of the HKU Campus Network. The two halls on the Main Campus, i.e. Swire Hall and Simon K. Y. Lee Hall, will be directly connected to the University's Campus Network. The following table summarises the connection speeds of the lines extending to the halls:
Speed of data line to Computer Centre
Connected Date
University Hall 128kbps 22/12/1997
Weilun Hall 

Lee Hysan Hall 

R. C. Lee Hall 

Madam S. H. Ho Hall Residence for Medical Students

together linked via T1 (1.544Mbps) line 22/12/1997 




Ricci Hall 128kbps 22/12/1997
St. Johnís College (Undergraduate wings) 128kbps soon
St. Johnís College (Postgraduate wing) 128kbps soon
Simon K. Y. Lee Hall Directly connected to the main campus ATM network soon
Swire Hall Directly connected to the main campus ATM network soon
The completion dates of the connection of the Halls will vary, and will be in December 1997.

Instructions on how to connect from the Hall-Network to the Campus Network (and hence to the Internet) is given in detail on the Hall-Network Connection web page. Hall residents can follow the instructions accordingly to network their PCs in the Halls.

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