Upgrading the Campus Network to ATM

In October 1996, Computer Centre has successfully completed the pilot project of deployment of ATM backbone network connecting the Run Run Shaw Building, the Old Library Building, and the Meng Wah Complex.  (See article on ATM and Virtual LAN at HKU in Computer News #65).

This year we have focused on extending the ATM (155 Mbps to 622 Mbps) backbone network to the other buildings in the main campus and gradually replacing the FDDI (100 Mbps) backbone network, replacing T1 connections to remote campuses using public ATM network, and deploying the ATM VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) technology to connect dispersed locations. By January 1998, the ATM backbone network of the University's Campus Network will be in place.  The progress so far is as follows:

Figure 1.  HKU Main Campus ATM Network in 1998
HKU Campus Network in 1998
Figure 2. Network for the Three Major Remote Sites in 1998
Network for the 3 Major Remote Sites in 1998
Figure 3. Connections of Residential Halls & Remote Campuses in 1998

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