The Help Desk...How it works

The Help Desks are located in room RR-109 in the Run Run Shaw Building, and room OLIB134A in the Old Library Building. The opening hours are: 

Mondays to Fridays: 09:00-12:30,14:00-17:30
Saturdays: 09:00-12:30
Sundays and Public Holidays: closed.



If you want to know the name of the computer officer serving at the Help Desk for that day, browse in the Help Desk officers roster 

You will be asked for your staff/student number because we have to record all Help Desk problems for problem analysis and development of FAQ's (frequently asked questions) later.  The problem logging also helps us in the identification of user needs of our services and of areas for improvement.  

The Help Desk officer will then try to understand your problem and usually will provide you with a solution right away.  If the officer cannot solve your problem, it is then referred to a subject officer who is more knowledgeable in that particular area.   

(Tel: 2859 2480) 

You can also call the Help Desk during office hours.  If the phone at the RR-109 site is busy, your call will be automatically switched to the Old Library site. You may have to try again if both phones are busy. 


Trivial problems are usually solved within 10 minutes while difficult problems (referred to subject officers) will take no more than 2 weeks.   

The problems log and statistics will be presented and discussed at a user service meeting once a month. At this meeting, areas which need further FAQ's or other documentation to be developed will be identified. User training courses will also be developed or sourced from a course vendor. We try to make every effort to make it easier for users to use the Centre's facilities and services. 

If you have any suggestions or comments about the Help Desk, please send an e-mail to our Help Desk Manager.  You can be sure that your suggestions will receive due attention at our monthly user service review meetings for problem resolution or service improvement. 


 We can help you with: 

general consulting about computing services 
advice on computer applications 
solve software problems 
refer you to other sources of help 

(In addition to the Help Desk, assistance for the following requests is also available through other more direct channels.)

forgotton passwords (is also available at Room RR-223)
Restoring deleted files of host computers (is also available at Room RR-108)
Equipment fault reporting and repair (can also call 28592774)
Network access problem (can also call 28592496)
Purchase of tendered hardware/software (is also available at the Intranet)

We cannot help you with:

Programming and debugging assistance to course assignments (see your course tutor) 

Surf us!

Put the link above into your Web browser's bookmark list for easy reference for getting help at any time. 

E-Mail us!

You can e-mail our electronic Help Desk directly from here, or you can use any other e-mail program such as Pine or Eudora. Don't forget to give us your e-mail address. 

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Why not try our newsgroup on computing services? You may find your answer in Computer Centre Forum.

Mabel Chau
Tel: 2859 8934

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