User Guide for Creating WWW Pages with RealAudio / RealVideo

The RealAudio Server and RealVideo Server are produced by Progressive Network Inc. They enable the streaming of audio and video to be delivered in real-time from the server computer to the user computers over the Internet. Usually, multimedia contents in Web pages have to be downloaded to the user computers before playing. This normally requires users to wait for a long period of time. With the availability of the RealAudio/RealVideo Server, multimedia material can be played by the RealAudio/RealVideo Player (called RealPlayer) in streaming mode and real-time.

With the RealAudio and RealVideo Servers recently installed on the HKU WWW, departments of the University can put up multimedia web pages in audio and video formats for wide access over the HKU campus network and the Internet. For example, Convocation Luncheon talks can now be heard anywhere over the world over the Internet.

We have recently prepared a user guide to assist users in creating RealAudio files and RealVideo files for use in web pages. Another possible scheme of putting good quality video information on WWW is to use the MPEG compression technology. (For information on how to create MPEG files, interested users can contact Mr. Newton Lui of Computer Centre .)

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