Personal Homepage Service Available

We are pleased to announce that personal homepage service is now available. The personal homepage service is set up to provide an organised environment for members of the University to display their personal information and to publicize their project and research achievements through the World Wide Web.

Users who have accounts on the Centre's general purpose Unix servers, i.e. hkusua, hkusub, hkursc, hkusga servers, can make use of this personal homepage service. However, users are warned that they are responsible for any legal and financial liabilies which are caused by the information in their homepage page, e.g. use of copyrighted materials in the personal homepage.

For users who have little or no experience in setting up a homepage, a command called createhtml has been created to assist them in their homepage creation. The command createhtml can be invoked after logging into the hkusua system. It will create the directory structure that is required for support of personal homepage in the user's home directory and a simple homepage which consists of the user's name and e-mail address. The user may later edit this homepage to include additional information when he knows more about homepage creation and editing.

Users with experience in web page creation or editing can set up their homepages in the home directory of their respective computer accounts in the Centre's general purpose Unix servers in the following manner:

There are two ways that Internet users can access your personal homepage. If Internet users know your computer account name, they can access your personal homepage directly at URL "<login-name>" (where <login-name> is your computer account name on the Centre's general purpose Unix servers). Alternatively, Internet users can search for your homepage by your name at URL if you have registered electronically your homepage with Computer Centre at the URL .

The personal homepages on the WEB server are accessible directly by the public if they know your computer account name. The URL provides a search facility to allow searching of any registered personal homepage on the WEB server based on the name of registrants.

Registered personal homepages of students and staff will be removed from the as soon as their names are not in the database records provided by the Registry to Computer Centre .

For more information of this service, please contact the undersigned.

C.M. Mak
Tel: 28592491

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