General Access to HKUXA/HKUXB Disabled

We would like to inform our users that access to the HKUXA/HKUXB systems has been disabled since May 1, 1997 according to our phased-out plan.

To provide a smooth transition of the mail service for hkuxa/hkuxb users, we have been routing all new mail sent to HKUXA/HKUXB systems since April 1997 to the HKUSUA system. This mail routing from hkuxa/hkuxb systems to the hkusua system will last for 3 months until end of July, 1997. During this period, users of hkuxa/hkuxb systems should try to notify their e-mail partners of their new email addresses.

Simplified E-mail Address

If you are a staff member of the University, we strongly encourage you to use the "simplified e-mail address" scheme for staff as announced in our Computer News issue number 63. The e-mail address format of the simplified e-mail address scheme for staff is "<username>". Since this format does not include the nodename as part of the e-mail address, subsequent change of computers for supporting the central e-mail service will not affect our users' e-mail addresses. By default, the simplified e-mail address "<username>" of a staff user is equivalent to "<username>" (if he has a hkucc account). Otherwise, his simplified e-mail address will be equivalent to "<username>". Changes to the "" mapping of a user's simplified e-mail address is possible by completing the Application for Change of Simplified Email Address Equivalent Form (form number: CF-128(97)) obtainable from the Centre's General Office in Room 223, Run Run Shaw Building.

For further enquiries about the phasing out of the hkuxa/hkuxb system or simplified e-mail address scheme for staff, please contact the undersigned.

C.M. Mak
Tel: 28592491

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