MPI User Guide forFORTRAN Programmers

We are pleased to announce that an MPI User Guide for FORTRAN programmers is now available. This user guide introduces the basic concepts of parallel programming using FORTRAN and provides a brief tutorial on some of the important features of MPI (Message Passing Interface, the standard of parallel programming) for FORTRAN programmers. It is intended to be used by programmers who have some experience using FORTRAN but little experience in parallel programming.

The guide was orginally written by Dr Peter S. Pacheco of the University of San Francisco using the C language. It has been converted to the FORTRAN version by Computer Centre staff of the University of Hong Kong.

Both the FORTRAN and C versions of the guide are now available on the web at URL:

For more information about the MPI, you may visit Computer Centre's MPI Information homepage at URL: or the MPI Home Page of Argonne National Laboratory at URL: http//

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