New Agreement on Corel Products

The Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC) has recently signed a Corel Universal Academic Agreement (CLPUAA) with Corel Corporation to supersede the previously expired Customer Advantage Programme (CAP) for WordPerfect Products. Under the new arrangement, departments of our University can purchase Corel licenses and maintenance services (including WordPerfect) at attractive prices.

The products being offered under CLPUAA include Corel Draw, Corel WordPerfect, Corel WordPerfect Suite, Corel Office Professional, Corel Visual CADD, CorelCAD, Corel Web Graphics Suite, Corel Ventura and Corel Click & Create.

In order to obtain timely upgrades of the Corel products, departments who enrol in the 2-year maintenance support offered under the CLPUAA for the newly acquired licenses will be entitled to upgrades during the support period by just purchasing a copy of the upgrade media. Besides, all Corel licenses provided under the CLPUAA are "multi-platformed" which means that the licenses you have bought can be applied to any system platform on which the products are supported, e.g. DOS, Windows 3.1/95 and Macintosh etc. Users also have the right to use a second copy of the acquired software on a home or portable computer as long as both the primary and secondary copies will not be used at the same time.

Departments can now enquire the latest prices for the Corel products on the HKU WWW.

For the purchase of Corel media/documentations, you can place a Requisition Form (together with the attachment) to the JUCC (c/o Computer Centre , HKU). For purchase of licenses, you can send the requisition form directly to Computer Centre . A 5% JUCC service charge will apply to all purchases made through JUCC.

To see what Corel products are available, click the Corel Roadshow to visit the Corel site.

Should you have further enquiries, please feel free to contact Ms Sarah Li at 2859 2491.

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