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IT Services News No. 147 Sep-Oct 2010

Launch of the New HKU Portal

    1. Introduction
    2. New services under Student Information System (SIS)
    3. Benefits of the new portal
    4. Next development phase

1. Introduction

We are pleased to announce the new HKU Portal was successfully launched on October 25, 2010 in tandem with the go-live of the new Student Information System (SIS). The new HKU Portal is one of the crucial components of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project supported by the University. Developed from an enterprise-type portal system, it serves as a common gateway to a myriad of portal services with the benefits of the single sign-on. While staff members are still using the old HKU Portal, they will use the new portal when Human Capital Management System (HCM) is put into production. Moreover, the second login measure was taken out because of its incompatibility of the new SIS.
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2. New services under Student Information System (SIS)

The new login page of HKU Portal (as shown below) was newly designed with input from many parties.
Students can now access the new SIS functions as well as all existing portal services in the new SIS System. The following is the main page of the SIS after login.
The services include the following:

Tabs Services
My Page SIS functions including Academic Planning, Enrollment, Change Contact Information, etc.
MyEmail Central email/calendar service
MyWebCT BlackBoard WebCT
Events HKU Event Management System
MyFaculty Homepage or information posted by the user faculty
Other HKU Portal Services Old HKU Portal functions including "MyLibrary", "Services" and "MyFavourites".

Note that "Student Connect" has retired as the new SIS System has taken over to provide better functionalities. For details of services for students, please click here.

Staff members will see the new login page and after login, the old HKU Portal page will be displayed.  They are able to access the “Student” applications by clicking the link “Student Information System” in the "Student" group under MyUIS. 

3. Benefits of the new HKU Portal

The new portal offers a number of benefits including:

  • Single sign-on for the new and old HKU Portal
  • Tight integration with the SIS applications
  • Consistent user interface for SIS and the future HCM system
  • Seamless integration with other commonly used services, e.g. email and WebCT e-learning system, under the same portal

4. Next development phase

The new HKU Portal is built using Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, which also serves as a common portal platform to support SIS and the future HCM system.  Common key functionalities have been developed in the first development phase with the roll-out of SIS.  In the next phase, we have started work to prepare for the migration of many legacy applications/services on the old portal to the new portal environment.  When it is completed, our users would be able to access all new and old applications through the same portal.

For more details on the development SIS and HCM, please visit the "SIS & HCM Projects" website at (requiring authentication using HKU Portal UID and PIN).

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