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IT Services News No. 147 Sep-Oct 2010

IT Services Planning Workshop 2010

We organized a two-day IT Services (ITS) Planning Workshop on 11-12 October 2010 at the Robert Black College attended by our senior colleagues.  The Workshop aims to identify the major issues that ITS are facing and need to be addressed, to review the three-year Capital Plan and projects currently underway, and to identify projects to be included in an updated plan for aligning with the University’s Strategic Development Plan 2009-2014.


We are particularly honoured that Professor Amy Tsui, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Teaching & Learning), attended the workshop and talked about some of the University’s strategic activities.  Professor Tsui shared with us the challenges that the University was facing and the University’s strategic initiatives especially in teaching and learning.  She updated us the good progress of the curriculum reform and operational priorities for providing a vibrant learning environment for our students. Professor Tsui also shared with us the e-learning strategy required for enhancing teaching and learning. 

Professior Amy Tsui, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Teaching & Learning) presented about some of the University’s strategic activities.

With the active participation of the ITS colleagues, we had a great and fruitful planning workshop. Each section reported the progress of the major projects undertaken in the past year and reviewed the areas to be improved.  By means of interactive group discussions, colleagues identified some of the important issues of ITS and brainstormed possible resolutions. We also critically examined our services and strategic positioning, and identified our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through a SWOT analysis.

On the second day, Director of ITS gave an overview on the ITS strategic direction and progress. Colleagues were invited to give presentations on some hot IT topics. The Planning Workshop closed with a review on ITS' three-year IT Capital Plan and collected inputs from colleagues on new initiatives for adding into the coming development plan.

We are consolidating and analyzing the inputs and suggestions collected from the workshop.  Our next step is to prioritize the issues identified and set up corresponding working groups to study and formulate appropriate action plans.

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