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IT Services News No. 147 Sep - Oct 2010

Retirement of the HKUSUA Central Server 

We would like to announce that the central computer server, primarily supporting email and personal webpage hosting services for students, will retire after April 2011.  The computer system supporting this server has been in service for more than 6 years and up for retirement.  The performance of this old computer is showing its age and it is not cost-effective to continue its maintenance.  In view of these, we shall phase out this central server and its current functions will be taken up by other systems. 

The HKUSUA Server currently supports 3 major functions including email service, personal webpage hosting at and mailing list.  Affected users will be notified by email on individual basis very soon to inform them of the phase-out schedule, alternatives for supporting the existing services, and details on service migration.

For enquiries on the above, please contact the undersigned.

Charles Cheung
Tel: 2859 2488

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