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IT Services News No. 147 Sep - Oct 2010

New WiFi Service – HKU WiFi for Guests

Computer Centre is pleased to introduce new WiFi service for visiting guests attending conferences or lectures hosted by HKU departments.

Visiting guests, who are non-HKU staff members or students, can now access the Internet on campus by connecting to the WiFi network (name “HKUGuests”) and logging in through any web browser with the “HKU WiFi Guest Account”.

The “HKU WiFi Guest Account” is granted to departments on event basis.  This is a temporary account for shared use among the guests during the event period. 

It should be noted that the network service provided under the HKU WiFi Guest account uses unencrypted channel for the sake of user convenience.  Users are advised not to transmit sensitive information as the transmission is unencrypted and therefore unprotected.

Departments can apply for the HKU WiFi Guest Account by completing and returning the application form CF-156 "Application for HKU WiFi Guest Account" to us.  The form is available at  Please submit the application at least 5 working days before the conference/lecture starts.

Visiting guests can find the related procedures at which lists out the configuration steps for different platforms including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac, iPhone/iPod Touch and Windows Mobile Smartphone.

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