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IT Services News No. 142 Nov-Dec  2009

WiFi Coverage Extended to Student Residential Halls and Upgrade in Other Buildings

    1. Introduction
    2. WiFi extended to student residential halls
    3. New WiFi access points in other buildings

1. Introduction

Computer Centre is working on a WiFi Network Upgrade Project to enhance the access speed and expand the coverage.  It will enhance the campus WiFi network to support the latest IEEE 802.11n WiFi standard (i.e. over 100Mbps per access point).  With funding from the University and the University Grants Committee, the project started in September 2009 and 1,300 WiFi access points will be installed in all student residential halls and in other buildings.  The whole project is expected to be completed by end of 2010 and the progress by December 18, 2009 is reported in the following sections.

2. WiFi extended to student residential halls

1.  Residential halls with new IEEE 802.11n access points installed and put into service:

  • Lee Hysan Hall
  • Lee Shau Kee Hall
  • Madam S.H.Ho Residence for Medical Student
  • Morrison Hall
  • R.C.Lee Hall
  • Suen Chi Sun Hall
  • Wei Lun Hall

2.  Residential halls with installation of WiFi access points in progress and is expected to finish by end of 2009 :

  • Graduate House (student residential floors)
  • Lady Ho Tung Hall
  • Robert Black College
  • Starr Hall

Hall residents in these residential halls can connect to the WiFi network via the new WiFi access points through the SSID "Universities WiFi" after doing configurations at their PCs or mobile devices according to the configuration steps at

Installation works for other student residential halls will be resumed in January 2010 after the examination period.  The remain work includes:

  • Patrick Mansion Student Residence
  • Pokfield Road Residence
  • Ricci Hall
  • Simon K.Y.Lee Hall
  • St John’s College
  • Swire Hall
  • University Hall

3. New WiFi access points in other buildings

Apart from the installation of new WiFi access points in the student residential halls, old access points will also be replaced by new access points of IEEE 802.11n standard in the academic buildings. Also, old network switches being used in the halls, buildings and building floors will also be replaced for improving the network performance and security. 

The following is a list of the locations of the new WiFi access points installed and already put into service:

  • Faculty of Medical Building, William M.W.Mong Block
  • Faculty of Medical Building, Laboratory Block
  • Run Run Shaw Building.

Work is in progress in the following buildings and expected to be completed in mid January, 2010:

  • Knowles Building 
  • Prince Philip Dental Hospital

The remaining work in 2010 includes :

  • Admiralty Centre 3/F (Poon Kam Kai Institute of Management)
  • Ap Lei Chau Clinic 3/F (Family Medicine Unit)
  • Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre
  • Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Building
  • Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building
  • Chow Yei Ching Building
  • Eliot Hall
  • Estates Building
  • Flora Ho and Lindsay Ride Sports Centres
  • Haking Wong Building
  • Hsu Long Sing Amenities Centre
  • Hui On Chow Building
  • Hung Hing Ying Building
  • James Hsioung Lee Science Building
  • K.K.Leung Building
  • Kadoorie Biological Science Building
  • Kennedy Town Centre
  • Laboratory Animal Unit Building
  • Library Building (New Wing)
  • Library Building (Old Wing)
  • Main Building
  • Meng Wah Complex Building
  • Pao Sau Loong Building
  • Patrick Mansion Building
  • Pauline Chan Building
  • Queen Mary Hospital
  • Runme Shaw Building
  • Stanley Ho Sports Centre
  • Swire Building (non-residential floors)
  • T.T.Tsui Building
  • Tsan Yuk Hospital 5/F
  • University Drive 2
  • V.C.Lodge
  • Yam Pak Building

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