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Computer News No. 138 Mar.-Apr. 2009

Additional Octopus Card Payment System for Purchase of Laser Printing Service at Old Library Building

We are pleased to inform that a new Octopus Card Payment System for purchase of laser printing service has just been added in Room 134, Old Library Building (OLB-134), in addition to the one in Room 104, Run Run Shaw Building (RR-104).  The Payment System was first launched in RR-104 in May 2008 as we announced in our earlier Computer News article.  Since its launch, we can see that the facility is very well received by users as it provides a convenient means of payment by Octopus Cards and it operates around-the-clock.

The new system in OLB-134 is set up for bringing additional convenience to students to replenish printing units, in particular for those whose printing budgets run out while they print from the PC laboratories at Old Library Building.  The operations of both systems at Old Library Building and Run Run Shaw Building are the same.  Purchase of printing units using Octopus Card is charged at the same rate as credit cards, as shown below:

  • $18 for 100 printing units
  • $66 for 400 printing units

Please however note that printing units must be redeemed at the same purchase location, i.e. purchase units bought at RR-104 must be redeemed there but not at OLB-134. 

To know more on how to buy printing units using the Octopus Card Payment System, please  view the video at

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