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Computer News No. 138 Mar.-Apr. 2009

Removal of Electronic Signature Requirement for Self-Service Application Systems

In order to simplify the on-line self-service application processes, Computer Centre and the Human Resource Section are pleased to announce that, with effect from April 17, 2009, the following self- service application systems will no longer require an electronic signature:

- Annual Leave;
- Long Leave; and
- Local Education Allowance.

With this new arrangement, users are advised to safeguard the security of their HKU Portal account/password. A review of the University's authentication and authorisation login processes will be undertaken as part of the implementation of the new Human Capital Management (HCM) and Student Information System (SIS) implementation projects and further refinements are anticipated.

Should you have any questions, please contact Mr. Alan Chu of Computer Centre at 3962 1357, or Mr. Wiley Chau at 3962 1350.

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