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Computer News No. 138 Mar-Apr 2009

Message from Director, Information Technology Services

In my previous article, I indicated that I was attempting to meet with many of the senior officers of the University.  This process is nearly completed and it has been a wonderful experience to meet so many people and get their valuable thoughts on the University in general and IT services in particular.

In addition to these meetings, I have made a presentation to the Knowledge Team which prompted a good discussion and a number of follow-up meetings.  Additionally, I have held a one day workshop with a number of the senior officers of ITS.  I participated in both the trial and actual Audit and these activities provided me with more valuable information about the University.  A number of meetings regarding the Centennial campus, the Information Infrastructure & Services Advisory Group, my counterparts from the other Hong Kong Universities have all helped me enormously to familiarize myself with HKU and IT-related activities in Higher Education in Hong Kong.  Finally, I have been heavily involved in discussion with other HKU colleagues and representatives from Oracle regarding the two major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects implementing the Oracle/PeopleSoft Human Capital Management system (HCM) and the Student Information System (SIS).

All of the above activities have filled in a lot of the gaps in my knowledge about how the University works and what some of the priorities are.  Naturally, there is much that I do not yet know but hopefully that gap is quickly decreasing.

I have started the preparation of a list of issues that I think the University needs to consider and I will be discussing these issues with senior executives of the University over the coming weeks.  Hopefully, by the time of the next newsletter, I will be in a position to share with you those issues and how we propose to deal with them in the coming year and beyond.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to read this Newsletter.  There are many interesting articles across many of our services including the results of our client satisfaction survey.

As always, please feel free to email me with any important issue that you think I need to be aware of.

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