Computer News No. 126  Mar-Apr 2007

PC Station Dedicated for Printing PDF Files

Computer Centre is pleased to make available an additional PC connected to a black and white laser printer in Room 104, Run Run Shaw Building, right next to the Help Desk.  The PC is installed with Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 and is intended to let users print PDF documents and immediately pick up the print-out at the printer next to it.  This set up is intended to facilitate the printing of PDF documents with sensitive data, without the risk of losing the document or being picked up by other users when the documents are printed through the high-speed printers in the PC laboratories.

The printer is a HP LaserJet 8150DN duplex-printing printer. The default mode is single-sided printing, but the user can select to print on double-side through the Acrobat Reader interface.   The user is required to login the PC with HKU Portal UID and PIN and the printing charge will be the same according to the charging scheme for laser printing in PC laboratories.

Since this set up of PC and printer is intended for supporting file printing only, no editing software (e.g. Microsoft Office) is installed in the PC.  Users who intend to print from this set up should bring their PDF documents in a USB thumb drive or CD. 

If your document is not in PDF format, you should first use a PC located in the PC laboratories to convert the document into PDF format before bringing the document to this set up to do the printing.  (See FAQ on how to convert a Microsoft Office file to a PDF file instead of to a printer.)

Finally, please remember to remove your portable storage media from the PC immediately after use, take it away with you, and shut down the PC properly (click Windows Start button => "Shut Down" and wait till it is shut down) to avoid leaving your documents with sensitive data on the PC or your printing budget being used by others mistakenly.

Figure 1. Location of the PC Station

Figure 2. PC Station Dedicated for Printing PDF Files