Computer News No. 126  Mar-Apr 2007


Email Accounts for Graduating Students of 2007 

    1. Free email accounts for HKU graduates
    2. Reminders for graduating students
    3. What about the network service?

1. Free email accounts for HKU graduates

All degree graduates of the University can enjoy the use of a free email account in the HKU graduate email system.  This graduate email account is intended to facilitate the communications between the University and her alumni and for personal and non-commercial use.  This account is automatically created for graduating students and no account application is needed.  Computer Centre will notify all graduating students by email of the termination of their student accounts and the creation of their graduate accounts when they have completed their graduation requirements.

The new graduate email accounts on the system have the same account names and passwords as those on the system.  For example, for a student whose account is, his new email address on the graduate server will be  Note that the email on the system will not be ported or forwarded to the system.  Graduating students are advised to save email messages which they want and notify their correspondents of the new email address.

Graduates can access their email accounts from the Internet via IMP webmail at and choose the email server

The default disk quota allocation for graduate email accounts is 10MB.  Graduate users can also subscribe for more disk space at a charge of HK$160 per 20MB per annum.  Click here for details on subscribing for more disk space.

Graduates are reminded to always check their disk quota usage to avoid exceeding disk quota.

Do not exceed your disk quota because when your disk quota is exceeded, you cannot login successfully or delete mail because the trash folder cannot be updated.  You must get some temporary disk space and then delete unwanted mail.  Click here to see a solution of this problem.

Graduates can forward email to their graduate email accounts to other email accounts by setting up email forwarding at => choose the link "Set/Unset E-mail Forwarding " at the top of the page.

Computer Centre has also implemented the anti-spam facility on the graduate server.  For details on spam control, see our FAQ's

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2. Reminders for graduating students

All graduating students graduating in June and July 2007 will be notified by email that their HKUSUA accounts will expire on 31 August 2007.  If you are a student graduating this summer and receive such an email notification, you should:

  • copy and save all your files, emails and address books that are on the HKUSUA server onto your PC or own storage media, e.g. CD-R disc or USB thumb drive, before your HKUSUA account expires.
  • notify your email correspondents of the change of email address before your HKUSUA account expires.
  • cancel all mailing list subscriptions before your HKUSUA account expires.
  • be aware that the email forwarding function of your HKUSUA account will not work after the account expires on 31 August 2007 because the HKUSUA account will be closed and deleted.
  • be aware that the disk quota limit on the graduate server is 10MB.  Please remember to delete unwanted mail.
  • manage your graduate email using IMP webmail at

The web site for managing your graduate email account (change password, change account name (allowed change ONCE ONLY), set mail alias, set forwarding, etc.) is at

Note: University alumni who graduated before 2001 can apply for their graduate email accounts on-line at the above site by clicking the link "Apply Now".

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3. What about the network service?

To gain access to the the graduate email accounts through Internet using the IMP webmail as described above, graduates must arrange for their own Internet access by themselves, say by subscribing to a commercial service from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

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