Computer News No. 119  Jan.-Feb. 2006

Report on the Seminar "The Trend of Green Computing and Its Impact"

Computer Centre was most pleased to have invited Dr David Yen, Executive Vice President, Scalable Systems Group of Sun Microsystems, to speak at a seminar organized in the University on February 21, 2006 to share his ideas on "Green Computing".

Dr Yen shared with the audience that while IT development is booming in particular with a surging number of network-enabled devices, the energy resources available on the planet are being exhausted and would not be able to meet the multifarious increase in demand and consumption.  The computers are also using a lot of energy.  He drew the attention of the IT professionals to help save the limited power resources through an effective use of IT tools and computer systems.

Dr David Yen speaking at the seminar.

Being the innovator of the SUN UltraSPARC chip, Dr Yen introduced the competitive edge of the new generation of SUN's CPU chips -- low power consumption and small size.  It can save both energy and space demands in the computer rooms.  It is the industry's first multi-threaded and 8-core processor deploying the CoolThreads(TM) technology that could boost the performance of its servers through simultaneously executing potentially dozens of threads resulting in a much higher computation throughput rate.  He said that this would be one of the latest tools that can help save energy consumption.