Computer News No. 119  Jan.-Feb. 2006

PV-WAVE Visual Data Analysis Software Available in Central PC Laboratories

PV-WAVE is a software package that provides a comprehensive and integrated visual data analysis environment for scientific, engineering and business users to rapidly import, manipulate, analyze and visualize data.  It has rich utilities that can directly import graphical data (e.g. JPEG format) or tabulated data (e.g. Excel file format) into array structures, and allows users to build and deploy Visual Data Analysis applications through some array-based commands.  The data can be presented in many 2D and 3D formats allowing further manipulation (e.g. rotating, zooming and shading) for enhanced display.  A series of such slides/pictures can also be joined up into a “movie” for animated show. 

PV-WAVE commands can be saved into a script program for sequential execution. Such a PV-WAVE script program can incorporate standard executable programs as produced by C or FORTRAN compilers.  Thus, a C or Fortran program, which normally can output textual results, can be easily enhanced to have instantaneous graphical display of the data produced by PV-WAVE.

PV-Wave is currently installed under English Windows XP in the central PC laboratories.  It can be started by clicking the icon "PV-Wave Console" in the "Computer Centre Software" window on a PC in the laboratories.  Training courses on the use of PV-WAVE are offered by Computer Centre from time to time during the year.  Interested users can enroll in these courses via the HKU Portal or contact the undersigned for other details of the software.

Note: PV-Wave is supplied by Visual Numerics, which also supplies the scientific library IMSL (International Mathematical and Statistical Libraries).