Computer News No. 119  Jan.-Feb. 2006

Macromedia and Adobe Products Available under Adobe Contractual License Program

We are pleased to inform the University departments that following the completion of the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe Systems Incorporated in December 2005, all Macromedia products, with the exception of Breeze and Flex, are now available for purchase by University departments under Computer Centre's existing Contractual License Program (CLP) with Adobe.  The same discount scheme as that for Adobe products will be applied on the Macromedia products under the CLP for departments.

Departments interested in acquiring the Adobe and Macromedia products can take a look at the products list and prices available through the HKU Portal ("Services" tab => "Tender Prices" => "Software" => "Adobe & Macromedia").

For enquiries, please contact Ms Sarah Li at 2859 2491 or the undersigned.