Computer News No. 119  Jan.-Feb. 2006

HKU Portal PIN Serves as the Password for Library Services

Forgetting the various computer system passwords has always been a problem.  Over the years, the proliferation of IT applications has resulted in the employment of different technologies which has demanded different user account names and passwords.  To overcome this problem Computer Centre has been working in the past few years on an authentication scheme to reduce the number of passwords that a user has to remember.   The introduction of the HKU Portal in January 2003 has helped to achieve this aim, unifying the user identification and passwords for different applications in our portal, including the access to central email systems and other administrative systems, so that the HKU Portal PIN will serve as the single password to the various systems.

Towards reducing the number of passwords that users need to remember, we are very  pleased to inform our users that the University Libraries, in collaboration with Computer Centre , have changed their login scheme to using the HKU Portal UID and PIN for current staff and students to access the Libraries services starting in January 2006.  However, other groups of users of the Libraries (i.e. non-current staff and students) will continue to use the old login scheme, i.e. using the account names and passwords assigned by the Libraries as before.

If you have any questions or problem with your various passwords, please send email to or call our help desk at Room 104, Run Run Shaw Building (phone: 2859 2480).