Computer News No. 119  Jan.-Feb. 2006

HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS) Enhanced with New Features

    1. Introduction
    2. Different types of registration fees and 'early bird' rate
    3. Other enhancements

1. Introduction

Since the first launch of the HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS) in February 2005, many departments have been using the system to announce the events they organize and to manage the registration of attendees.  HKUEMS provides a readily available channel to announce events and saves much manpower in handling the registration form. 

According to our usage statistics, half of the events announced via HKUEMS uses the online registration feature to improve their registration process, and out of those events that required registration, 30% had employed the collection of registration fees with the online payment option of HKUEMS.  We had received many requests for additional flexibility in handling payments for conferences announced through the HKUEMS system.  In response to these feedbacks, we have made enhancement to the payment handling function, and we are pleased to announce that new  features including the 'early bird' payment, differential fee types, email alert to event organizers and payment reminder to registrants will be made available in HKUEMS starting from March 1, 2006.

2. Different types of registration fees and 'early bird' rate

Previously, event organizers can only specify a single rate of registration fee.  In the enhanced HKUEMS, multiple fee types and different currencies for registration can now be defined, including an 'early bird' rate for any fee.  Once a multiple fee schedule is defined, HKUEMS will automatically generate a mandatory 'Fee Type' field in the registration form for registrants.  This new option will be available once the online registration feature of HKUEMS is selected, regardless of whether online payment is used.  Figure 1 below illustrates the features of multiple fee types, different currencies and 'early bird' rate for an event organizer.  Figure 2 shows the registration fee information that an registrant will see on the screen.

Figure 1:  The screen dump viewed by an event organizer defining multiple registration fee types


Figure 2:  The screen dump of an event showing different fee types as seen by an registrant

3. Other enhancements

Email alerts for event organizers:
Event organizers will be able to choose to receive email alerts on registration, cancellation and payment of an event so that they can be better informed of the registration status of their events.

Email reminder on payment:
If a deadline for payment is defined for online payment, email reminders will be automatically sent to registrants two days before the deadlines.  This reduces the chance of missing outstanding fees by registrants who have forgotten to pay.

Easier to review records of credit card payment:
Event organizers will be able to group records of credit card payment by event or by date under the 'Credit Card Payment' option. In addition, information collected from registrants will be readily retrievable by selecting the corresponding payment records.  Thus, organizers do not need to go around different menus on HKUEMS to locate the information they need.

Alternative registration web site:
Event organizers will be able to specify a registration URL for their events if they choose not to use HKUEMS for registration.

Heading for registration form:
Event organizers will be able to specify instructions at the beginning of a registration form should they use the registration option of HKUEMS.  The instructions can provide registrants with further details before completing the registration.

Reference to registration form directly:
In many cases, event organizers need to make reference to the URL of their events directly in their publications or web sites.  It has been made possible with the 'Event URL' option in HKUEMS.  In the enhanced version, further enhancements are made so that event organizers can also make reference to the URL of the registration form of their events for the public to access.

Registration quota "FULL" status of events:
For those events that have registration quotas defined, registrants need to click into each event to find whether the event registration quota is full.  In the enhanced version, a *FULL status will be displayed next to the events so that registrants can know that it is full by a glance.

Figure 3:  The screen dump of an event showing that it is full

If readers have any questions regarding the above features or HKUEMS in general, please contact the undersigned.