Computer News No. 119  Jan.-Feb. 2006

Computer Centre Annual Report 2004-2005 Posted on Web

Computer Centre Annual Report 2004-2005 is now available at  The report summarizes the major development and accomplishments of our Centre in the reported year together with some focal development areas envisioned for 2005-2006.  

Among the many areas reported, I wish to highlight some of the key milestones completed in 2004-2005:

  • New IT Strategy for 2005-2008 : A new IT Strategy for the University in the 2005-2008 triennium with the theme on "Quality IT Services for a Digital University" had been formulated, laying down the direction for Computer Centre's development in the coming three years.
  • Serving an Expanding User Population : Computer Centre now serves over 62,000 email accounts including staff, students and alumni with diversified IT demands.
  • Upgrading of Central Computer Servers : During the year, 3 major central computer servers supporting the important services of student email, HKU Portal and electronic courses had been upgraded.  Moreover, consistently high availability for over 25 central computer servers were maintained throughout the year.
  • Enhancing Campus Network Development and Security : :Continuous enhancement to the infrastructure and security of the campus network were undertaken.  This included the setting up of a new optical link between the Main Campus and the Sassoon Road Campus for much-improved bandwidth capacity and resilience, and the deployment of advanced security devices to strengthen the network security.
  • Deployment of new and enhanced Administrative Applications - a new range of applications had been  developed and successfully launched during the year, which included the Performance Review and Development/Academic Portfolio of Achievement system in support of the HRM reform, an On-line Application System for Taught Postgraduate Admissions to facilitate international admission applications via the Internet and the development of the Fixed Asset Module of the Oracle Financial system.

Please visit the online version of the Annual Report to find out more.