Computer News No. 115  May-June 2005

HKU Event Management System Enhanced with New Features

    1. Introduction
    2. Enhanced Functions for Easier User Access
    3. New Features for Event Managers

1. Introduction 

In February 2005, Computer Centre launched a new HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS) to help HKU event organizers announce their events. The system enables HKU event organizers to enter event information once and publicize in multiple channels, and it also allows event organizers to easily initiate an online registration process.

A number of enhancements and new features have since been developed, some of which such as the customizable registration instructions and payment instructions, were introduced in the last issue of Computer News.  We are pleased to announce that starting from 1 July 2005, HKUEMS will support more new features for providing users easier  access to information of the events announced and helping event organizers in publicizing their events more efficiently.

2. Enhanced Functions for Easier User Access 

More Versatile 'Search' Function

Under the 'Daily', 'Weekly' and  'Monthly' views of event information, the 'Search' function has been enhanced and  users can now search for event information by

  • Event Type, e.g. Press Conference, or
  • Event Nature, e.g. Medical and Health Care, or
  • Event Organizer, e.g. External Relations Office

In addition, users can also display information of the events satisfying any of the above criteria within a certain period by specifying the range of dates.

Easy Access to Information of Registered Events

After a user has registered for joining an event online via HKUEMS, the user will receive from the system an  acknowledgement email which includes a link to the web page of the event registered.  By this means, HKU members as well as public users of HKUEMS would be able to view easily the information of their registered events later through the web page links included in the acknowledgement emails.

3. New Features for Event Managers 

Online Payment of Registration Fees (This feature is only available to HKU departments and not available to student societies.)

In announcing an event through HKUEMS, departments will be able to collect registration fees from their registrants conveniently through online credit card payment.  Starting from 1 July 2005, HKUEMS will be provided with an interface to the JETCO credit card payment gateway of the Bank of East Asia Ltd for accepting payment online.  Event Managers can then use the payment transaction records provided by HKUEMS for settlement of fee collected with the bank. Another new feature of HKUEMS is to allow departments to set a deadline for the registrants of an event to pay for their registration fees so that any unpaid registrations will automatically be revoked after the deadline.

Note: Departments must first set up a credit card merchant account with the Finance and Enterprises Office before using the online credit card payment feature of HKUEMS.  Please contact the undersigned for details.

More Choices of Prospective Participant Groups for Event Announcements

Event managers can specify whether their events are open for HKU staff, students or the public so that the events can be seen only by the respective groups of prospective participants.  The new version of HKUEMS provides more choices of participant groups to whom a particular event could be announced.  With this feature, event managers can have more flexibility and better focus in announcing their events to different prospective participant groups, e.g. residents of a specific hall, or students from a specific faculty, etc.

Recording of Access Counts of Event Announcements

A new 'Hits' column will be included to show the number of times an event is viewed.  The figures of the 'hit counts' are useful statistical data for event mangers' reference.

Capability to Send Acknowledgement Email to Registrant

At present, acknowledgement emails are only sent to registrants who register for an event online.  In the new version, a new function is supported for event managers to send acknowledgement emails to any selected registrants according to specific needs of contacting the registrants.

Other new enhancements of HKUEMS include the functions for keeping track of email records, faster display of events, etc.  For interested users who wish to find out more about the new features of HKUEMS, please refer to presentation of our Self-learning Tutorials.  Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact the undersigned.