Computer News No. 114 Mar.-Apr. 2005

HKU Event Management System Launched with Success

  1. Introduction
  2. Usage on HKUEMS
  3. Enhancements on HKUEMS

1. Introduction

The HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS) has been launched since February 18, 2005.  It aims to provide a flexible but user friendly environment for HKU event organizers to announce their events and to communicate with their audience.  It also targets to offer a central point for HKU members and public to locate university events of their interest.  To introduce this new service to the departments, two seminars were conducted in February 2005.  The seminars attracted close to 200 staff members from over 90 departments, and two-third of these departments have already started to make use of HKUEMS to announce their events.  We are very pleased to see that colleagues not only manage their events with ease and confidence on HKUEMS, but also gave us very useful feedbacks for improvements, many of which are being implemented.  In addition, more student societies have started to make use of HKUEMS to publicize their events.

2. Usage on HKUEMS

HKUEMS has been put into service for two months and the followings are some encouraging statistics collected about its usage during the period:
General access on events
No. of times events shown to HKU Portal users 611479
No. of times event details reviewed by HKU and public users 22886
About event organizers
No. of event organizers registered on HKUEMS 102
No. of event organizers posted events on HKUEMS 64
About events
No. of events posted on HKUEMS 394
No. of events required online registration through HKUEMS 73
No. of registration done through HKUEMS 2433
Top figures
No. of access to the most popular event 1721
Highest number of registrants in a single event 387
Highest number of events posted by single event organizer 41

3. Enhancements on HKUEMS

In response to users' comments, a number of enhancements to HKUEMS has already been implemented since its launch.  Highlights of the key new features are as follows:

For general users,

  1. Continuing events
    For events that span over multiple days, they are now shown in a new "Continuing Events" section starting from the second day of the events so that new events can be more visible to users.
  2. Today's events shown in weekly and monthly tabs as default
    Today's events is also shown by default under the weekly and monthly tabs of HKUEMS so that the users need not scroll the page to locate today's events.
  3. Fixed position for tool bars
    The tool bar that allows users to do searching and to toggle for more detailed display is now fixed in weekly and monthly tabs so that users can locate these functions handily while scrolling through events listed on these tabs.
  4. New event organizers highlighted
    Users are now alerted when new event organizers are registered on HKUEMS so that they can adjust their preferences if so wish.

For event managers,

  1. Language of event
    Managers can specify whether their events are conducted in English, Cantonese, Putonghua, or give more specific details with the 'Other' option.
  2. Customized registration instructions
    Some event organizers have their own registration arrangements; therefore, a new option is available for managers to customize their registration instructions instead of using the online registration function available on HKUEMS.
  3. Customized payment instructions
    Similarly, a new option is available for managers to customize the payment instructions for their events.
  4. Event URLs
    For public events which do not require login with HKU Portal UID/PIN, web links listed in "Event URLs" can bring audience directly to a specific event.
  5. FAQs for HKUEMS
    An FAQ page is available to address the most commonly asked questions we received from users.

More enhancements are being worked on and they will be released to users in the next version of HKUEMS later this year.  These enhancements include refined target audience groups, online payment by credit card, enhanced search function, performance improvements, etc.  We always welcome suggestions on enhancements on HKUEMS to make it a more useful service for the University.