Computer News No. 114 Mar.-Apr. 2005

Technology Seminars from Microsoft and IBM

    1. Information Technology at Micrsoft
    2. IBM Global Technology Outlook

Computer Centre recently organized two technology seminars and invited Microsoft and IBM to speak on their latest technologies in March and April 2005 respectively. 

On March 24, 2005, three speakers, Mr Bremen Lee,  Mr Gary Sun and Mr Paul Wang, from Microsoft spoke on IT at Microsoft, while on April 8, 2005, Dr Gabriel Silberman from IBM spoke on IBM Global Technology Outlook.  Those who attended the seminars have received good information and advices from the speakers on the latest trend of information technology.  

1. Information Technology at Microsoft

The seminar on IT at Microsoft consisted of three talks.  Click here for the presentation powerpoint files.

(a) Security at Microsoft

Mr Bremen Lee, IT Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong, introduced how Microsoft IT protects Microsoft internally by using various technology and processes, including wireless, PKI, remote access, trustworthy messaging technology.

(b) Enterprise Application at Microsoft

Mr Gary Sun, Director of Regional IT Group of Microsoft, discussed how Microsoft IT Group developed and deployed an internal Web services solution to provide an enterprise infrastructure for managing Web services across line-of-business applications at Microsoft.  A few examples like how Microsoft used the web to deliver training and online assessment were also presented.

(c)  System Management at Microsoft

Mr Paul Wang, Microsoft Regional IT Director - North Asia, gave an overview of Microsoft's use of "Microsoft Operations Manager" (MOM) in the Microsoft IT data center as its key enterprise infrastructure and applications monitoring tool.  The talk also covered how Microsoft IT data centre deployed "Systems Management Server 2003" to its desktop environment to manage the application deployment process, to improve hardware and software asset management, and to manage the deployment of security and software updates across the enterprise.

2. IBM Global Technology Outlook

Dr Gabriel Silberman, Program Director for the IBM Centers for Advanced Studies, presented IBM's projection of the future for IT, known as the Global Technology Outlook (GTO).  GTO includes forecasts of software, hardware, and services technology trends, and ways in which those trends will come together to enable new uses and capabilities for the IT industry.  These new technologies have the potential to transform the performance and characteristics of tomorrow's information processing systems, and be a change driver in the marketplace.