Computer News No. 110, July-Aug 2004

IEEE 802.11g Wireless LAN in Centrally Administered Classrooms

In the summer of 2000, Computer Centre began to deploy the IEEE 802.11b standard wireless LAN (WLAN) over the campus network as an extension of the Access Everywhere Network (ACEnet).  In the last few years, over 500 WLAN access points have been deployed to provide wireless-LAN coverage in many parts of the campus including centrally administered classrooms, student amenities centres, public podium areas, the libraries, conference/tutorial rooms of the departments and the entire Faculty of Medicine Building, etc.

The latest WLAN technology standard is IEEE 802.11g.  The IEEE 802.11g access points can deliver a network bandwidth of up to 54Mbps versus 11Mbps of the 802.11b.  Furthermore, the 802.11g WLAN access points can support 802.11b WLAN cards.  In this summer, Computer Centre has initiated a project of deploying 802.11g WLAN access points in 35 centrally administered classrooms that have more than 100 seats.  In each of these classrooms, one of the 802.11b WLAN access points has been replaced with a 802.11g WLAN access point.  This exercise will enable those notebook users with 802.11g WLAN cards to enjoy higher bandwidth, whereas existing users can still rely on their 802.11b WLAN cards to connect to the campus network as before.

In relation to this development, Computer Centre will re-deploy the 802.11b WLAN access points retired from the classrooms to common rooms of the student halls.  This redeployment would provide wireless access in the student halls.

The following is a list of centrally administered classrooms which have the 802.11g WLAN access points already installed: