Computer News No. 110, July-Aug 2004

A Unified Procedure for Accessing ACEnet, Wireless LAN and Hall Network

In Computer News issue no.103, we announced the enhanced features for the Hall Network which allow the most commonly used network services, such as email and WWW, to be used on the Hall Network (HallNet) without going through the HKUVPN authentication procedure.  Now we are pleased to announce that the same features will be extended to ACEnet and Wireless LAN users starting from September 1, 2004.  This new arrangement will bring more flexibility and convenience to our users.

Users on the ACEnet and wireless LAN will be able to connect to the campus network in either of the following ways (after registering their network cards):

(A) If the user only uses the following services, he can simply connect his registered PC to the network using an Ethernet card or a wireless Ethernet card without login to the HKUVPN gateway to enjoy the high-speed network communications WITHIN the HKU Campus Network and access the following popular Internet services:

*** Important note for ICQ users using its file-transfer function:
(B) If the user wishes to do other kinds of Internet and Intranet communications, he can login to the HKUVPN gateway.


Should you have any questions about the arrangement, you are welcome to contact the undersigned.