Computer News No. 110, July-Aug 2004

Termination of the 30-minute HKUPPP Dial-up Lines

In view of the decreasing trend in the demand for the HKUPPP dial-up service, Computer Centre is working to terminate the 30-minute HKUPPP staff-only dial-up lines that are of relatively low usage.  We have already terminated the lines of No. 29642300 at end of July this year, and we plan to terminate the lines of No. 21057100 by end of November.  It is also our plan to terminate the lines of No. 28595100 (60-minute staff-only lines) by end of 2004.  All users who will be affected will be notified about the termination schedule so that they can switch to use the other HKUPPP lines available, i.e. all-user lines No. 29757000 (60-minute lines) and No. 29647000 (30-minute lines).

For more information about the HKUPPP dial-up service and the dial-up numbers that are not affected by the above described plan, please visit: