Computer News No. 110 July-Aug. 2004

Enhancement of Laser Printing and Software Provision in PC Laboratories

2. PC Software Upgraded

The PCs  in Old  Library Building are installed with Windows XP (English) and Windows XP (Traditional Chinese).  In addition to the English and Chinese versions of Windows XP, those PCs in Run Run Shaw Building are also installed with Windows Me (English) and Windows Me (Traditional Chinese) operating systems (OS).  The following table summarizes the operating systems that are supported in Centre's PC laboratories:

Operating Systems
Operating System Supported
Run Run Shaw Building
RR-101, 103 & 201
  • Windows XP (English) and Windows XP (Traditional Chinese)
  • Windows Me (English) and Windows Me (Traditional Chinese)
Old Library Building
OLB-134,135 &136
  • Windows XP (English) and Windows XP (Traditional Chinese)

Application Software

The software packages provided on Windows XP have been upgraded to newer versions during the summer. These include Microsoft Office 2003, Acrobat 6.0, Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver MX 2004, etc.  Please refer to the following web pages for the lists of software packages and their versions that are provided in the Windows XP and Windows Me OS environments of the Centre's PC laboratories:

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