Computer News No. 107, Jan-Feb 2004

Support of SAS Software on HKUSUA and HKUCC Systems to be Merged in July 2004

Computer Centre would like to announce that SAS (Statistical Analysis System) will only be supported on the HKUSUA system starting from 1 July 2004 when the SAS licenses now available on the HKUCC system becomes expired.  This consolidation of SAS licenses on a single computer system would enable us to simplify the license management and reduce the licence cost of the software which has been growing steadily in recent years.

Users of SAS on the HKUCC system are advised to move their SAS program and data  files to the HKUSUA system as soon as possible and to familiarize themselves with the HKUSUA environment before 30 June 2004.  SAS users who do not have an account on the HKUSUA system can apply for such an account on-line by clicking the link "Apply for Additional HKUSUA/HKUCC Account" at

At present, SAS version 8.2 has been installed on both the HKUSUA and HKUCC systems and the following modules are available.