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How to do photocopying using the uPrint service?

  1. Login by tapping your HKU Student Registration Card/Staff Card or Library Card (for non-HKU members) at the designated area of the printer.
    Put your card
  2. If you don't have the card mentioned in point 1, press the "Log In/Out" button on the printer. Type your HKU Portal UID/Library card no. and click "Next". Then type your PIN and click "Enter".

    input uid

    input pin

  3. Select “Copying”.
    Select Copy
  4. Select the preferred copying function and press "Start".  All pages printed from the color printer will be charged at the color printing rate no matter it is a black and white or blank page.
    Copy setup
  5. Logout by pressing the “Log In / Out” button.
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