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Why does my Apple device prompt me again to accept a certificate?

The change

With effect from 30 July 2012, to access WiFi networks ("HKU", "eduroam", "Universities via CSL" or "Universities via Y5ZONE") for HKU users, their devices must have the Root Digital Certificate "GeoTrust Global CA" installed.

Procedures to ensure WiFi continuing working after the change
(HKU is taken as an example)

MacBook OS X:

When the change at ITS login server is in effect, upon connecting to HKU, MacBook will pop up the following message:
Verify Certificate
802.1x Authentication
The server certificate is not trusted because there are no explicit trust settings.

  1. Verify if it is GeoTrust Global CA.
  2. Check Always trust “”.
  3. Click Continue.

Note: You will be prompt to enter administrator password.

If you forgot the administrator password, please click here and follow the instructions to reset your administrator password.

Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch:

When the change at ITS login server is in effect, upon joining HKU, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch will prompt to accept a certificate, click Accept to accept GeoTrust Global CA.

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