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How can I delete mails without saving them to Trash folder?

You can delete mail without saving them to Trash folder as follows:

"Settings" -> "Preference" tab -> "Server Settings" -> "Main Options" -> check Flag the message for deletion instead of delete -> Save

Flag the message for deletion

After applying the above setting, your deleted message will be marked as deleted, the deleted messages will be displayed in gray color with gray iconicon. You can click the gray iconicon to undelete the message.

To purge the deleted messages, you can also check the option "Compact Inbox on logout" so that the system will automatically purge the deleted messages when you logout. Beisdes, if you want to purge the deleted messages manually, you can perform one of the following actions:

  • Click Gear icon button on left bottom corner and select Compact; or
  • Right click the selected folder, select Compact
    Compact message

Please keep empty Trash or compact deleted message regularly, to prevent mailbox full. By default, the webmail will NOT automatically purge deleted messages for you.

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