Ways on Reducing Storage on Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail

Google has announced a new storage policy for all institutions using Google Workspace for Education editions which will take effect in July 2022. This means the unlimited storage offered to qualifying schools and universities for free by Google will come to an end.

HKU Connect users are requested to reduce their total storage of @connect.hku.hk to within 1TB by end of 2021. This is to ensure they can continue accessing their HKU accounts after a quota limit will be imposed by Google in early 2022.

Please note that Google does NOT offer a pay option for individuals to purchase additional storage for their school accounts using Google Workspace for Education editions.

1. Review current storage



2. Reduce the Storage under Google Drive

  1. Go to https://drive.google.com/drive/quota and your total storage under Google Drive is shown on the left menu.  You can see your files saved under Google Drive and please delete the unwanted files.
  2. If you are using shared files, go to https://drive.google.com/drive/shared-drives to review the list of shared files.  Delete the unwanted files and empty the Trash.
  3. If you are using Google Backup and Sync to backup your computer(s), you may like to stop syncing Google Drive files with Backup and Sync.  To check the synced folders on your computer with Google Drive, click the Computers button on the left menu.  Delete the unwanted files and empty the Trash.

3. Reduce the Storage under Google Photos

a. Go to https://photos.google.com/settings > Upload size for photos & videos > Select "Storage saver".


b. If you are using Google Photos app to backup photos to your @connect.hku.hk, open the Google Photos app > Google Photo settings > Backup & sync > Upload size > Storage saver.

4. Reduce the Storage under Gmail 

Enter "larger:20M" in the search box to find out emails larger than 20MB.  Delete unwanted emails.


5. To transfer data from @connect.hku.hk to personal Gmail account

Copy content from your school account to another account

(Please login your @connect.hku.hk account and your personal Gmail account using TWO different browsers (e.g. Chrome + Firefox) to do this data transfer.)

6. To download data from @connect.hku.hk account

How to download your Google data

(This procedure is for migrating Google Drive and Mail from @connect.hku.hk account to personal Gmail account. If you wish to download data from other Google services, please use Google Takeout as mentioned in item 5 above. Please make sure your Gmail account is having enough free space before proceeding. You may purchase additional storage for your personal Gmail account.)

7. Transfer data from Connect Google Drive to OneDrive

This tool can migrate data from Connect Google Drive to personal OneDrive or OneDrive for business (staff/student) accounts.

Visit Mover at https://www.mover.io/ and login with <UID>@hku.hk for staff/<UID>@connect.hku.hk for student; or your personal Microsoft account like @outlook.com/@hotmail.com

After login to Mover:

Step 1: Select source. Authorize "Google Drive (Single User)" connector.

Step 2: Select destination. Authorize "OneDrive Consumer" or "OneDrive for Business (Single User)". For personal @hotmail.com/@outlook.com, select "OneDrive Consumer". For staff/student M365 account, select "OneDrive for Business (Single User)".

Select destination folder and start.