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Basics of using WinMerge in platform VPC

WinMerge is a powerful software that supports comparing different folders and text files. Furthermore, it supports combining and merging the files too.

Compare the folders and text files

  1. Start WinMerge.
  2. Click the folder icon file icon .
  3. Browse and choose which two folders / files you would like to compare. You can filter some of the documents too. Then Press “OK”.
    select file
  4. Then you can see the result. In this case, the file name “test” only appears at left hand side, and the content of hku.txt is different.
  5. You can do some actions by mouse right click or you can edit the text file separately by double clicking them.
    right click menu
    double click item
  6. Then, you can save it by clicking file at the top bar.