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Procedures on Installation and Use of Skype

  1. Go to, click “downloads”.

Download Skype

  1. Choose your device and start to download Skype.

Choose Device

  1. Click “Run” to install Skype

Choose Run to install Skype

  1. If the “User Account Control” prompts, click “Yes” to continue.

User Account Control

  1. Click “I Agree - next” to continue installation.

I agree - next

  1. Uncheck “Install Skype Click to Call”, click “Continue”.

Uncheck install skype click to call

  1. Uncheck “Make Bing my search engine” and “Make MSN my homepage”. Then, click “Continue”.

Uncheck “Make Bing my search engine” and “Make MSN my homepage”. Then, click “Continue”.

  1. It takes time to finish the installation process. Please wait while Skype is installed.

Installation in progress

  1. The installation is completed and Skype starts run.

Installation is completed


Procedures to use Skype

  1. Click “Sign in” if you have Skype account, otherwise click “Create an account”.

Sign in or create an account

Create a Skype Account

  1. After click “Create an account”, the register page will be prompted. Then input the information for registering Skype account (Must input the mandatory blanks*).

Sign in

  1. Type the verify code for security issue and click “I agree - Continue”.

type verfiy code

  1. If the inputs are correct, the registration will be completed.

Register complete


  1. After login (first time) to Skype, click “Continue” to configure audio and video settings.

Click continue to Configure Audio and Video settings

  1. Select the audio and video devices and test them.

Select audio and video devices

  1. Click “Continue” to add your profile picture, or click “Add later” if you do not wish to add the profile picture.

Add profile picture or skip this step

  1. Enter “Skype name” in search box, select an account in result list, then click “Add to Contacts” to add another Skype user to your contact list.

add contacts

  1. Click “Video Call” to make a video call to your contact.

make video call

  1. Wait for your contact to accept the video call.

Wait for connection to setup.

  1. After the contact accepts it, video call can be connected successfully

Video call connected