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Procedure for Checking Staff Email (HKUCC1) Mailbox Usage

  1. Webmail Interface (OWA)
  2. Outlook (Total Disk Usage)
  3. Outlook (Usage of Individual Folder)

A. Webmail Interface (OWA)

  1. After login to webmail interface, select Settings settings at the top right.  
  2. Choose Options.

    Select Options

  3. The Mailbox Usage will be displayed as shown below.

    mailbox usage

B. Outlook (Total Disk Usage)

  1. To check the total disk usage, right click your email address in the left pane and select Data Files Properties...

    Data Files Properties

  2. In the Outlook Today dialog box, click the Folder Size... button.

    Folder Size

  3. In the Folder Size dialog box, select Server Data tab.

    Server Data Tab

  4. The total usage is listed beside "Total Size (including subfolders)".   Usage by folder is also listed.

    Total Size

C. Outlook (Disk Usage of Individual Folder)

  1. To check the disk usage of individual folder, right click the folder and Properties....

    Individual Folder Size

  2. In the folder properties dialog box, select the General tab, and click the Folder Size... button.

    Individual Folder Size   

  3. In the Folder size dialog box, select Server Data tab. The usage of individual folder is listed beside "Total Size (including subfolders)".

    Individual Folder Size