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Procedure on Converting Video Files into MP4

The HKU Video Streaming Service supports the storage and streaming of MP4 video files.  If your video files are not in MP4 format, please convert them into MP4 format before uploading to our server.   After file conversion, you can upload the files to the HKU Video Streaming Server (click here for the procedures).

Below are the file conversion steps:

1. Download the file conversion tool  

To convert video files into MP4, you can make you of the following tools:

  1. Any Video Converter Free (for conversion of a single video file)

    Click here to download.

  2. Free FFMPEG Video Converter (command line tool for batch conversion of video files)

    Click here to download. 

2. Convert into MP4 file

Using Any Video Converter Free (for single video conversion)

  1. Launch Any Video Converter Free
  2. Select Input Video

    Click the “Add Video(s)” button to select an input video file(s) from your computer.x
    By default, the output file name is the same as the video title.

    add video


  3. Select Output Format

    Click the drop down button and choose the output format as “HTML5 MP4 Movie (*.mp4)”
    output format


  4. Check the Basic Settings, Video Options and Audio Options

    Basic Settings: confirm the video size is set as original, change output folder location if needed
    Video Options: confirm the video bitrate is set as original bitrate
    Audio Options: confirm the audio codec is acc
    basic setting  

  5. Convert video

    Click “Convert Now” and wait for the video to be converted.
    convert video

Using FFMPEG (for batch conversion)

  1. Go to, under “Get the packages” click the blue window icon and click “Windows Build”.
    get the packages

    windows packages

  2. Click “Download Build”.
    download build
  3. Create the folder “ffmpeg” under c:\ and unzip the downloaded contents to c:\ffmpeg
    create folder
  4. Open a Notepad, copy and paste the following code and save as “batch_convert.bat”:

    mkdir c:\ffmpeg\bin\newfiles
    for %%a in ("*.flv") do ffmpeg -i "%%a" -c:v libx264 -preset slow -crf 20 -b:a 128k

  5. Click “File” > “Save as” > save into C:\ffmpeg\bin\.  Click “Save”.
    save as 
    File name: “batch_convert.bat”
    Save as type: “All files”
    save as type
  6. Copy all your .flv videos into c:\ffmpeg\bin folder
    copy all fly video
  7. Double-click the batch_convert.bat file, and it will start converting all the videos from .flv to .mp4 and store them into an auto created folder “newfiles”.