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Procedure on Purchase of Printing Units Using Apple Pay

**If you have not yet set up your mobile devices for using Apple Pay, you can refer to the setup procedures at**


1. Apple Pay is only compatible with devices listed at

2. uPrint App supports Visa and Master card ONLY.


  1. After login to HKU uPrint app, select the no. of printing units to purchase.
    units to purchase select printing units to purchase
  2. Tap the Buy button.
    press Apply Pay button 
  3. Review the printing units to purchase and press the Apply Pay button.
    press Apply Pay button
  4. Press the Pay with Passcode button or use Touch ID or Face ID to pay.
    press Pay with Passcode button use Touch ID
  5. If you press Cancel during the payment process, an alert on “Incomplete Transaction” will be shown and the transaction will be cancelled.
    Cancel payment Transaction cancelled
  6. After successful payment, a confirmation page indicating the no. of printing units added and the current balance will be shown.  
    Transaction Completed