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Track and revoke files protected by AIP

The function on Track and Revoke files requires an add-on license to work.  Such licenses are assigned to staff on Band G/H/I/J and Terms of Service I who joined the University before 1 June 2017.   These licenses may be reclaimed for assignment to other colleagues if they have not been used over a period of time.  If you wish to use these functions but have not been assigned with the said license, please send your HKU Portal UID to

NOTE: Once you revoke acess to a protected file, the recipients will not be able to access the file immediately.

  1. For MS Office files:
    In Microsoft Office (Word, Excel or PowerPoint), click the aip icon  button and "Track and Revoke".
    track and revoke

    For other file types:
    i) In File Explorer, right-click the protected file, and select "Classify and Protect".
    run aip
    ii) Click "Track and Revoke".
    track and revoke in aip

  2. Login your HKU Portal UID (your and PIN.
    Sign in with hku account
  3. After successful login, you can see your protected documents. If you want to revoke access of a specific file, please click its file name.
    file list
  4. Click "Revoke access".
    file status 
  5. Click "Confirm". Access granted to the document will be revoked immediately.
    confirm revoke