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User Guide on Submission of Bulk Email in HTML format

The Bulk Email System is enhanced in December 2007 to support bulk emails in HTML format.  Bulk email submitters can use graphical information and formatted text in their departmental bulk emails.  Besides, a simple HTML editing tool is provided to facilitate sending HTML messages.  Optionally, the submitters can also prepare in advance a web page for the HTML email and send out the web page to be displayed by specifying the web site address in the Bulk Email System.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to submit bulk email in HTML format:

  1. Login HKU Portal at
  2. Under "My Page" tab, click "Campus Information Service" -> "Central IT Services" -> "Bulk Email (Submit Request)"
  3. Select "Send Bulk Email" and click "Submit" button

You can now see the first page of bulk email submission form.

A. On the first page of the form...

  1. Input information of contact person, type of bulk email, email subject and select groups of recipients.
  2. Click "HTML & Plain Text" button to submit a bulk email in HTML format, as circled in red color below.

    Screenshot of bulk email submission form

You can now see the second page of the submission form.

B. On the second page of the form...

  1. Read the instruction carefully and compose your message body in HTML format inside the text area, as indicated in image below.

    There are formatting tools on toolbar of the text area (as circled in green color). You can format your paragraph and change font style using the tools. You can also insert images into your message.

    If you don't want to compose the message from ground up, you can compose it using existing web page on your department web servers. It is simple by entering URL of the web page (e.g. and clicking "Import" button (as circled in red color).

    Points to note: Email in HTML format does not support certain formats in a regular web page. For example, background image, Cascade Style Sheet and Javascript are not supported. You will have a preview of your email before confirming submission. Please examine the preview carefully, including all hyperlinks and images being used. You will also receive a sample of the email after the submission. If any amendment is necessary, you can remove the bulk email and submit another one by using Bulk Email Submission System.

    Screenshot of bulk email submission form

  2. Compose your message in plain text format inside the text area, as shown below.

    In this text area, you can provide a complete message in the plain text format. Or, if your message is already posted on a web page, you can alternatively provide an URL to the web page and ask recipients to read it. For example, you can write:

    "This message is in a format that is not supported by your email program. To read this message, please refer to"

    Points to note: To read bulk email in HTML format, recipients require email reading program that supports to this format. Bulk email in HTML format follows web standards and therefore recipients using popular email reading programs, like MyEmail in HKU Portal and Microsoft Outlook, will find no problem in reading the bulk email. To cater for need of recipients that cannot read email in HTML format, you must provide the email in plain text format as the counterpart of the email in HTML format. Email in both formats are embedded into one bulk email and email reading program displays either one of them accordingly.

    Screenshot of bulk email submission form

C. On the final pages of the form...

  1. Click "Preview" button and examine the preview of your bulk email carefully.
  2. Click "Confirm" button to submit the bulk email.
  3. Examine the sample of the bulk email. Remove it from the Bulk Email Submission System, if amendment is necessary.