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Common Facilities Booking System (HKUFBS)


The Common Facilities Booking System (HKUFBS) offers departments a new platform that can streamline and automate the operations and management of their facilities bookings.  It is a web-based general purpose booking system which provides easy management of booking facilities.  Departments can set up the use of the HKUFBS system to suit their needs.

The system supports ‘Staff’ and/or ‘Student’ to search for available facilities, request booking facilities and receive acknowledgement of booking request approval by email notification.  There are two main categories of users in the system: General Users and Administrators.

Key Benefits

  • Cost savings for departments to enable them the use of the University Common Facility Booking System, and no longer the need of implementing/maintaining an individual facility booking system on their own
  • Resource savings in managing facilities booking through streamlined procedures by departments
  • High flexibility in configuring the system based on department’s requirements such as booking facilities, user groups and booking rules
  • Unified user experience on facilities booking

Provision through Central Cost

Each department can use the system for up to 50 facilities including rooms and equipment.  It supports 12 months pre-bookings and 12 months of historical bookings are kept. 

Rollout Schedule

The new system has been launched in mid-November 2018.


Colleagues are welcome to join one of the briefing sessions to understand the major functions and workflows of HKUFBS.  Details of the briefing sessions are accessible at https://www.its.hku.hk/SMARTER-IT#trainingsessions.

Training Materials

Administrator and User Guide of HKUFBS

Get Started

Fill in CF84 on Application for the Use of Facility Booking System (HKUFBS)