HPC User Guide

This guide will provide you the basic information needed for accessing and running jobs on HPC clusters at Unviersity of Hong Kong. Details of hardware configuration and installed software of the HPC clusters is available at http://www.its.hku.hk/services/research/hpc/system.

Quick Start for New HPC users

  1. Request an HPC account
  2. PC accessing HKU campus network(WiFi: HKU; Off-campus: HKUVPN)
  3. Connect to HPC cluster via SSH(Secure Shell)
    • Windows: Download an ssh client(e.g.PuTTY)
    • Linux: Open a terminal and type "ssh -l [username] [hpc_hostname]"
    • Mac OS X: Open terminal application in Application/Accessories and type "ssh -l [username] [hpc_hostname]"
  4. Log in with provided initial password or HKU Portal PIN(if you have changed your HKU Portal PIN) 
  5. Edit and compile your programs
  6. Submit and monitor batch jobs
  7. Transfer Data to/from the HPC cluster
    • Command Line: Open terminial of a Mac or Linux machine and use utilities such as scp, sftp and rsync.
    • Graphical client to scp/sftp:

User Guides for Individual HPC cluster