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Guidelines for HPC Account Application

The use of HPC resources is subject to the "ITS Privacy Policies, Computer Usage Regulations and Security Policy" and "HPC Usage Policies & Guidelines". When requesting an account on ITS HPC systems, all users have to agree to abide by these policies and guidelines.

Please follow the instructions below on how to apply an account in HKU ITS for using the HPC facilities:

GRIDPOINT account application

GRIDPOINT is a research oriented system. Applicant is required to have a clear research objective and a demonstrable research progress for meeting the criterion as stated in our submitted application to the SEG committee. The GRIDPOINT account is subject to annual renewal when the project progress will be reviewed. For projects not meeting above mentioned criterion or the yearly review requirement, applicants will be recommended to use other HPC systems.

HPC2015 account application

HPC2015 is a state-of-the-art heterogeneous high performance computing cluster system making use of the latest technology. It is particularly suitable for researchers whose projects require extremely high computation requirements (CPU, memory, etc) or for those who would like to explore new solutions with salient hardware features(GPU, Intel coprocessor). HPC users should demonstrate they can use the HPC resource(e.g. Gridpoint system) effectively and efficiently before applying the more advanced HPC2015 account.

  1. Fill in ITS form CF162a (for staff) and CF162b (for students) and select "HPC2015"
  2. Prepare and upload a powerpoint introduction on the research project (at least 5 pages) to explain the nature, significance and progress on the project, together with the reason that why computing resource in this HPC system is required