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Software Site Licensing Programs (for Departments only)

The Information Technology Services coordinates various site licensing programs and volume purchase arrangements to facilitate the departments to acquire PC software at educational and discounted prices.

1. Adobe Site License Programme
2. Microsoft Products
3. Symantec Ghost
4. Anti-Virus Solution
5. SAS Products
6. SPSS Products
7. NVivo
8. VMware
9. PDF-XChange PRO
10. e-Survey Service

Tender prices are available for reference by departments who can place their orders directly with the selected suppliers. The purchase of some software licenses is coordinated through ITS and purchase requests can be submitted via HKU Portal (Home > Campus Information Services > Central IT Services > Order License & Goods) or ITS Order Form (CF36).

1. Adobe Site License Programme

1.1 Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP)

The Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) is a volume licensing program which offers attractive educational prices for departments to acquire Adobe software on perpetual basis (note: CLP is not available for personal purchase by staff and students).  As Adobe has already moved most of their core products to cloud-based subscription, i.e. Adobe Creative Cloud, the variety of Adobe products offered under CLP is limited.

CPL licenses, new/renewal of upgrade plans, media and documentations are available for purchase by departments.  Departments can order distribution media from Information Technology Services at HK$50 per CD/DVD for those active license products offered under CLP.

Multi-lingual products are available under the CLP including English and Traditional Chinese. However, a license holder is only eligible to use the specific language of the license ordered and does not have the right to use the language of a software other than that ordered.  Adobe licensing details can be found at https://helpx.adobe.com/enterprise/help/faq.html.

All use of the Adobe products is governed by the End User License Agreement (EULA).

1.2 Creative Cloud for Teams and Creative Cloud for Enterprise

Creative Cloud subscription allows the use of a full range of Adobe Creative desktop applications on subscription basis.  Subscribers can enjoy the use of the latest versions, features and upgrades whenever they are available.

All Creative Cloud subscription is offered on an annual basis.  Both Creative Cloud for Teams and Creative Cloud for Enterprise are available for purchase (see http://www.adobe.com/hk_en/creativecloud/business/teams/plans.html for the difference).   Besides, two types of licenses are offered namely "Device License" and "Named License' (see http://www.adobe.com/hk_en/creativecloud/buy/education.html for the difference).

2. Microsoft Products

2.1 Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions

Information Technology Services has been coordinating the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES, previously called Microsoft Campus Agreement) for departments since 1999 which provides a cost-effective and easy-to-manage site licensing arrangement in using Microsoft software products.  EES is designed to offer University departments to purchase non-perpetual, annual licenses by paying a flat rate for each of their full-time equivalents (FTEs) for faculty and staff.

To improve institutional work efficiency as a whole, the license renewal of EES for 2018/19 (June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019) will be subscribed centrally.  This new arrangement not only saves much of the effort of the old process but also enables all departments to be eligible in using the up-to-date versions of Windows and Microsoft Office products as a standard.  Under the arrangement, all University departments can use the following Microsoft software products (“software”) on all PCs owned or leased by them during the subscription period-

  • Windows Enterprise Upgrade (Windows upgrade right is covered and departments must have a valid license of Microsoft Windows operating system on their PCs)
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus and Office for Mac
  • Microsoft Core CAL Suite (Includes Windows Server CAL, SharePoint Server Standard CAL, Exchange Server Standard CAL, Skype for Business Server Standard CAL, System Center Configuration Manager CML and System Center Endpoint Protection)
  • Desktop Optimization Pack

Note: SQL CAL and Visual Studio Pro (VS) are no longer available in the EES package. Departments who wish to continue using VS please contact ITS (if VS is for laboratory use, departments can use the software under Microsoft DreamSpark without additional cost).

Apart from using the above software on all PCs owned/leased by a department for the use of its staff and students, departments can

  • enjoy the upgrade/downgrade rights which allow the running of any new versions of the licensed products included in the subscription coverage that are released during the licensed term or any previous version of the licensed product in place of the current version
  • use multilingual versions of the software that are available
  • allow their staff (except employees who do not use institutional devices such as cleaner, maintenance worker, grounds keeping, cafeteria staff, etc.) to use the licensed software on one computer they own at home for campus-related purposes (they are NOT licensed to use the software at home for personal purposes)

Apart from the above, all staff (except employees who do not use institutional devices such as cleaner, maintenance worker, grounds keeping, cafeteria staff, etc.) can enjoy the right to download and install Microsoft Office ProPlus (Office 365 ProPlus) on up to 5 personal machines (PC or Mac) and Office apps on 5 mobile devices including Android, iPad, and Windows tablets without additional cost during the subscription period.  They can also use Microsoft’s online cloud storage OneDrive for Business (5 TB in size) and Skype for Business.  Please refer to http:/www.its.hku.hk/documentation/guide/cloud/o365 for details.

The term of the agreement is one year and subject to renewal.  Departments must uninstall the software prior to expiration of the agreement term if the agreement is not renewed upon expiration.

2.2 Microsoft Select Plus

Besides the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions, the Information Technology Services also coordinates a tender on the Microsoft Select Licenses to provide an alternative channel for departments to acquire the Microsoft products.

  • Application-pool, system-pool and server-pool MS products are offered. The licenses acquired under the program cannot be used concurrently. User must purchase a copy of license for each of the required desktops.

  • A new maintenance option - Software Assurance (SA) is available as a way to keep Microsoft software up-to-date. SA provides the rights to any new version of a product released during a 3-year term. For details on the Software Assurance benefits, please refer to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/licensing/licensing-programs/software-assurance-default.aspx. SA must be acquired together with the new license.

2.3 Installation Media

Both Microsoft EES and Select Plus will only cover the right to use Microsoft licenses while media and documentation kit have to be ordered separately.

To facilitate the installation of the licensed software, distribution copies of the software in CD-R/DVD-R are available at HK$50 per disk.  Departments can place an order to ITS through HKU Portal (search for “order” > go to “Order License and Goods” page) for the acquisition of distribution media. 

2.4 Terms and Conditions

The use of the software is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Microsoft License Rights. Departments should read these terms carefully before using the software.

The Microsoft Licensing Product User Rights (PUR) document, which is updated regularly by Microsoft, provides additional details regarding current user rights for specific Microsoft products acquired through Volume Licensing programs. Please visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/licensing/product-licensing/products.aspx for details.

3. Symantec Ghost

The Information Technology Services continues to arrange the site licensing arrangement for Symantec Ghost software for departments of the University. 

Departments participating in the program can enjoy free latest version upgrade of the licensed software copies during the license period and they will be provided with a free copy of the media on the latest version of the software when available. Departments have to renew their licenses annually in order to keep the software up-to-date.

The annual renewal period is 1 July to 30 June.

4. Anti-Virus Solution

The Information Technology Services coordinates the site licensing arrangement for anti-virus solution, Sophos Anti-Virus Solution and Kaspersky Anti-Virus Solution, for departments of the University. 

For staff members who are licensed to use a copy of the Sophos anti-virus license or Kaspersky license in their department (ordered through the Information Technology Services), they can use the licensed copy at home on a single workstation for work-related purpose.

5. SAS Products

The University is subscribing the SAS campus license, SAS Education Analytical Suite (EAS). Departments can subscribe the SAS licenses by modules (charged by module-basis) or by EAS (charged by a flat rate of all Full-Time Equivalent staff in a department). The use of SAS licenses is subject to annual renewal covering the period 1 July to 30 June.

Below are the SAS modules available for subscription by departments on Windows, Unix/Linux platforms-

  • Base SAS
  • SAS/ACCESS (all standard interfaces as available by host)
  • SAS/AF
  • SAS Bridge for ESRI 
  • SAS/Enterprise Guide
  • SAS/Integration Technologies
  • SAS/OR
  • SAS/QC
  • SAS e-Learning (a range of modules are available)

Agreement of Legal Obligations for the Use of the SAS Software on Personal Computers

Staff and students installing and/or using the SAS Software (“Software”) coordinated through ITS means they have agreed to observe the terms of the License Agreements signed between The University of Hong Kong and the SAS Institute Ltd. and to abide by the terms of those agreements excerpted below:

  1. The Software is limited to use by the University of Hong Kong employees and registered students only.
  2. The Software is to be installed on a PC as specified above within the premises of the University of Hong Kong only.
  3. The Software is not to be copied, disclosed or transferred.
  4. The use of the Software will expire on 30 June 2019 and may be renewed thereafter upon payment of an annual renewal fee.
  5. Violation of any of the above rules may lead to suspension from future usage of the computing facilities at the Information Technology Services and the offender may be subjected to public or private legal action for violation of the License Agreements.

6. SPSS Products

The SPSS site licenses are offered on Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. The use of SPSS licenses is subject to annual renewal covering the period 1 July to 30 June.

The modules available for subscription include:

  • Statistics Base 
  • Regression
  • Advanced Statistics 
  • Custom Tables 
  • Forecasting 
  • Categories
  • AMOS (for Windows only)
  • Conjoint
  • Exact Tests
  • Missing Value Analysis
  • Sample Power
  • Decision Trees
  • Complex Samples
  • Direct Marketing
  • Neural Network
  • Bootstrapping
  • Visualization Designer

7. NVivo

ITS is arranging a site license on NVivo, a software for qualitative research in academia for organizing and analyzing qualitative data such as interviews, open-ended survey responses, articles, social media and web content.  According to the supplier QSR International, NVivo is regularly used in disciplines such as behavioral sciences, healthcare and medical research, psychology, political science and business. 

The current 3-year site license agreement on NVivo runs from September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2020.  Subscribing departments have to commit the purchase for 3 years and the annual fee will be collected at the start of each subscription year.  This software is available on both Windows (NVivo 11 Pro for Windows) and Macintosh (NVivo for Mac) platforms.  More information about this software can be found at http://www.qsrinternational.com/product.

8. VMware

ITS coordinates a campus-wide site licensing program on VMware software for subscription by departments. 

VMware is a virtualization infrastructure solution which allows multiple virtual machines (VM) to run on a single physical machine and share the resources of that single computer across multiple environments.  Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on the same physical computer. You can visit VMware’s web site for more details.

8.1 Coverage

All the VMware licenses offered under this site licensing program are on perpetual basis.  Departments can enjoy product updates/upgrades and support services (7x24 support hotline at 8101 8178) during the program term.  The products available for subscription under the program of 2017-2022 include- 

  1. vCloud Suite Enterprise Solution (include vSphere Enterprise Plus and vRealize Suite Enterprise
  2. vCenter Server Standard
  3. NSX Enterprise (Network virtualization and security platform)
  4. vSAN Advance (Virtual SAN storage)
  5. SRM Standard (Site Recovery Manager Standard)
  6. Workspace One Enterprise (Virtual desktop and mobile management)  

Items 3-6 above are new additions offered under the 2017-2022 program.

8.2 Subscription Schedule

Departments joining this site licensing program have to commit the subscription until the program expiry date on December 30, 2022.  Subscription fee will be charged annually based on the VMware software subscribed.  You can check out the price schedule under CF36.

In summary, vCloud Suite Enterprise Solution, vCenter Server Standard and Workspace One Enterprise are available for subscription by departments based on the no. of CPU sockets, no. of instances and no. of users respectively.  To encourage a wider use of this site licensing program, departments subscribed the use of vCloud Suite Enterprise Solution can enjoy the use of NSX Enterprise, vSAN Advance and SRM Standard on the same no. of CPU sockets subscribed for vCloud Suite without additional charges.  

9. PDF-XChange PRO

A campus license on PDF-XChange PRO is arranged for use by University departments and staff.   This is a software product developed by Tracker Software Products for viewing, creating and editing PDF documents (click here for the detailed functionalities).  It carries similar functionalities as those supported by Adobe Acrobat Professional DC.  The supported platforms of PDF-XChange PRO include Windows 10/8/7/Vista but Macintosh is not included. 

University staff can use this software on PCs directly owned or leased by departments within the University campus (campus outside Hong Kong is not covered under the campus license) without additional cost.  They can also install this software on personal equipment used for work-related purpose.  For students, they can use this software on departmental PCs but installation and use on the personal equipment of students is specifically prohibited.

The software is available for download by staff under HKU Portal (type “pdf” in the search field and click the searched link “Download PDF-XChange PRO”).  The installation guide can be found in the same download page.

The use of this software is governed by the End User License Agreements of Tracker Software Products (Canada) Ltd available at http://www.tracker-software.com/licensing.  Staff can visit Tracker Software Products’ knowledgebase for the frequently asked questions and useful information on using this software.

10. e-Survey Service

An online cloud-based e-Survey solution powered by SurveyGizmo is available for subscription by departments through a campus-wide license coordinated by ITS. This software is offered on a subscription basis and is subject to renewal.  Departments can use this software by paying ITS an subscription fee upon renewal.

This is an Internet-browser-based tool which offers a variety of features including-

  • Setting up of survey, quiz, poll and form can be done through a user-friendly interface and logics can be used in designing survey, quiz and form, e.g. skip Q2 if Q1 is null
  • Use of branded link starting with https://esurvey.hku.hk/
  • Out-of-the-box reports can show the quick results at a glance and if more sophisticated reports are required, a reporting tool is available to allow the configuration of other types of reports
  • Access protection using either shared password or one-time password
  • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protection which can ensure data is encrypted during transmission