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Each current student, staff, alumni and retiree is provided with an HKU email account for email communication. The email service is supported by both in-house email systems and outsourced email platform with anti-spam and anti-virus protection.
The email accounts for staff are supported by a number of in-house Microsoft Exchange 2007 servers. Other than basic email functions, additional enterprise messaging features such as webmail access, personal/shared calendar, email distribution list, out-of-office auto-reply, mobile access, server-side inbox rule, Global Address List (GAL) and email archiving (for staff) are also provided on the in-house email systems.  Retiree’s email accounts are also supported by in-house email systems.
Students admitted before February 2012 are supported by the in-house email systems if they have not yet migrated their email accounts to the Google platform.  Since February 9, 2012, new students and graduates will have their HKU accounts created on Google, an outsourced email platform.  This account provides 30GB disk space (shared with other services in Google Apps for Education) and students can keep this email account ( for use after graduation.  Current students can register to migrate their HKU email accounts from the in-house system to the Google platform.

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Available To

Staff, students, alumni, retirees, faculties and departments.

Users can access Email via HKU Portal => "MyEmail" tab.

Service Hours

Email service is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays

Consultative inquiry support is available during normal IT Services support hours.

User Requirememt

A web browser compatible to HKUPortal.  Details please refer to our Email service FAQ.

Standard Cost

No cost to users for standard provision of email service.

Service Request and Support