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FAQ on HKU Portal System


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expandQ0a. How to search for a function or link under HKU Portal?

expandQ0b. I can't see the Portal tabs (MyPage, MyEmail, My eLearning, Events, MyFaculty/MyDepartment). Why?

FAQ on HKU Portal PIN


expandQ1. How can I change my PIN?

expandQ2. How can I change my PIN if I forgot it?

expandQ3. How can I change my PIN if my account is locked due to password ageing?

expandQ4. I have just changed my HKU Portal UID and/or PIN. Why I can't login the HKU Portal now?


General FAQ

expandQ5. What is HKU Portal system?

expandQ6. What are the benefits of the new HKU Portal system?

expandQ9. What are the development phases for the new HKU Portal?

expandQ10. How is SIS (Student Information System) for Students?

expandQ11. What is HCMS (Human Capital Management) System for Staff?

expandQ12. Where can I get more information about the new HKU Portal development?

expandQ13. Why I can't login the HKU Portal?

expandQ14. I have already logged in HKU Portal. Why am I prompted to login again?

expandQ15. How can I switch to another email account in the HKU Portal?

expandQ16. Why I cannot access to the "MyEmail" in HKU Portal? Why?

expandQ17. Some applications like, IHP Sports booking, OSA booking and Annual Leave, do not respond after I make a selection; therefore, I cannot proceed to the next step.

expandQ18. I cannot see the end-time when booking IHP Sports Facility.

expandQ19. I cannot access HKU Portal in my iPad/iPhone.
expandQ20. Some applications in HKU Portal cannot be displayed correctly in Internet Explorer 10 (IE10). How to turn on Compatibility View in IE10 on Windows 8?

expandQ21. What are the supported operating system and web browsers for HKU Portal?