Annual Renewal of Site Licensing Arrangement for SPSS / SAS / Corel / Norton Products

Computer Centre continues to coordinate various software site-licensing programs for the departments of the University in order to take advantage of the bulk volume purchase discount and to offer cost-effective and easy-to-manage licensing programs for the benefit of  the departments.

These site licensing programs include SPSS, SAS, Corel and Norton products.


The license renewal for the SPSS statistical package for Windows covers the period from 1 June 2000 to 31 May 2001. Below are some highlights of this year's arrangement:

1. A new update, SPSS for Windows version 10.0 has been released and is now available for installation. Computer Centre is now arranging to install the latest version of SPSS for the departments who have requested to upgrade their SPSS for Windows licenses.

2. The annual license fee for the majority of the SPSS products, in particular the non-core products, has been reduced as compared to last year's prices.

3. Besides the core SPSS products including Base, Statistics, Professional Statistics, Tables, Trends, Categories, CHAID, QI Analyst and AMOS, other non-core SPSS software modules, such as allCLEAR, AnswerTree, Data Entry - Builder, Data Entry - Station, Diamond, LogXact, NewView, Remark Office OMR, SamplePower, StatXact, TextSmart and Trial Run are also available for subscription. You may refer to SPSs' webpage at for more detailed product information.

All SPSS licenses are subject to annual renewal and departments are required to pay an annual renewal fee in order to continue using the software. For detailed license fees for SPSS for Windows, Macintosh & PowerMac, please refer to our web page at


The commencement date of the annual license period for SAS for Windows for the coming year is 1 July 2000.  All SAS licenses are subject to annual renewal and departments are required to pay an annual renewal fee to continue using the software upon expiry of the last license period.

The SAS modules available include BASE,GRAPH, ETS, FSP, AF, IML, STAT, INSIGHT, ASSIST, LAB and ACCPC and the latest available version is 8.0.

For detailed license fees for SAS for Windows, please refer to our web page at


Under the arrangement of the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC), Computer Centre coordinates the Corel site licensing arrangement for the departments of the University.  Hightlights of the arrangement are summarised as follows :

For detailed pricing information on the Corel licenses and products, please refer to our web page at

Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Ghost

Since Computer Centre launched the site-licensing program on Norton Anti-Virus last year, the program has proven to be well-received by the departments and will be extended for another year.  Indeed, we are pleased to inform our users that the price is even lower than last year's.

In addition to last year's option to provide an anti-virus solution for the desktop operating systems (i.e. Windows 95/98/2000/NT, Macintosh and OS2), the solution has been extended to include support for server platforms, including Netware and NT Servers, as well.  The new initial license fee and the renewal fee for 2000-2001 are show below:

New Initial License Fee Per Copy (HK$) License Renewal Fee Per Copy (HK$)
Desktop & Server w/1 yr upgrade insurance $35 $10

Besides the anti-virus solution, Computer Centre has also negotiated with Symantec Hong Kong Limited to include another product, the Norton Ghost, under this year's site-licensing program.  The license fee for this product is as follows :
License Fee Per Copy (HK$)
Norton Ghost w/1 yr upgrade insurance $60

Both these products are offering a 1-year upgrade insurance, starting from 1 July 2000, to allow users to use the latest and most up-to-date versions of these two products during the licensed period.  A copy of the media on the upgrade insurance will be provided free-of-charge to participating departments whenever available.

You may refer to the summary information for details of the site-licensing program for Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Ghost.

Departments who wish to acquire the SPSS, SAS or Corel software products can select the option " Tender Prices" under the "On-Line Enquiries" icon in Computer Centre's web site at and make your selection on-line by clicking the button "Add to Selection List".  A "CC Order Form" will automatically be generated with all your selected items for purchase.  To purchase the Norton products, please simply complete the CC Order Form with the selected products and return it to us.

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact the undersigned or Miss Pansy Kwan at 2859 2491.

Idy Tang
Tel: 2859 2491

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